This Week Lee is unavailable, so instead of our usual chat we have another story time. 

This time around we have two stories, both written by AdmiralVorcroft on the Wyrd Forums. You can reach his personal website here:

Also big thanks to Christabel Clark who put her voice to the character Miss Direction for our second story.
We really hope you enjoyed this episode, please get in contact with us and let us know your thoughts. You can:

This week we talk about Gencon for an extra long time.

This week we talk close combat, and only have 1 entry :(

This week we were unable to get together to record, so have tried something new. Let us know what you think, and don't forget to enter the competition for next week.

In this episode we discuss charges. Not that we want your money, we just want to be close to you. And hit you. Twice. 

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This week our intrepid recorders discuss the various uses for soulstones, but has anyone won the Limited edition performer?

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This week Lee and Zac talk about cheating fate, and look at the answers to our competition.

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Zac and Lee carry on talking about Malifaux, this week discussing hand size and manipulation. Plus there's a competition where you can win a limited edition performer. For free! 

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Beginning again

Malibites returns with a new season, a new co-host and a new format. This week we talk about Initiative.

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In this episode, recorded a while ago, I talk to Jo Hadfield about the master of big hats and mouldy ladies, Saemus.

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